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Course I. Mastering the Head Game

Chapter 1 : Attitude Makes the Difference
Chapter 2: Motivation to the Max!
Chapter 3: Be a Champion of Change
Chapter 4: The Evolution of Selling
Chapter 5: Dealing Successfully with Rejection
Chapter 6: The High Performance Selling Model
Chapter 7: The Anatomy of the Sales Call
Chapter 8: The Value-Based Trusted Advisor

Course II. Your Blueprint for Sales Success

Chapter 1: Improve your Goal Setting Skills
Chapter 2: Goal-Achievement Strategies
Chapter 3: Time Management for Sales Professionals
Chapter 4: Communicating for Sales Effectiveness
Chapter 5: The Market Share Model
Chapter 6: Gaining Customer Loyalty
Chapter 7: Making the Loyalty Ladder Work for You
Chapter 8: Projecting an Image of Excellence

Course Ill. Understanding Your Customer

Chapter 1: Understanding Behavioral Styles, Part I
Chapter 2: Understanding Behavioral Styles, Part II
Chapter 3: The Skill of Adaptability
Chapter 4: Identifying the “Style” of Others
Chapter 5: Winning with Needs Analysis
Chapter 6: Active Listening Skills
Chapter 7: Advanced Questioning Skills
Chapter 8: Sales Negotiation Skills

Course IV. Securing & Growing the Business

Chapter 1: The Value-Price Dynamic
Chapter 2: Establishing Value Through Differentiation
Chapter 3: Presenting Your Prospect’s Solutions
Chapter 4: Performing Miracles for your Customers
Chapter 5: Addressing Prospect’s Concerns
Chapter 6: How to Gain Commitments
Chapter 7: Relationship Strategies that Pay
Chapter 8: How to Gain Valuable Referrals

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