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Course I – Living your BEST life with better Negotiations

Chapter 1: Negotiations: Challenge or Opportunity?
Chapter 2: Negotiations are a Process; Rarely an Event
Chapter 3: When do Agreements NOT come from Negotiations?”
Chapter 4: Negotiaphobia: The Fear and the Treatment
Chapter 5: Remedy #1 for Negotiaphobia: ENGAGE
Chapter 6: Remedy #2 for Negotiaphobia: ASSESS
Chapter 7: Remedy #3 for Negotiaphobia: STRATEGIZE
Chapter 8: The E-A-S-Y One Minute Drill -Your Cure for Negotiaphobia

Course II – The Anatomy of Negotiations

Chapter 1: The Nature of All Negotiation Strategies
Chapter 2: Compromise as a Tactic: Limitations and Fit
Chapter 3: Your Introduction to the One Minute Negotiator Strategy Matrix Chapter 4: Avoidance: How & When to Avoid
Chapter 5: The Accommodation Trap
Chapter 6: Finding and Using Leverage in Negotiations
Chapter 7: Winning when Things Get Competitive
Chapter 8: The Win-Win Combination: Collaboration

Course Ill: – Winning vs. Whining: Win-Lose Competitive Negotiation Tactics

Chapter 1 : Knowing When Competition is the Right Move
Chapter 2: Posturing: Recognize & React
Chapter 3: Rules of Engagement: Deploying a Competitive Strategy
Chapter 4: Preparation: The Secret to Winning Before the Battle
Chapter 5: Playing Offense & Defense When Competing
Chapter 6: Offensive Competitive Tactics
Chapter 7: Defensive Tactics to Protect Your Ground
Chapter 8: The Powerful Stipulation Tactic
Chapter 9: Anticipate, Recognize & Respond
Chapter 10: More Defensive Tools for Your Toolbox

Course IV: – Mastering Collaboration

Chapter 1: It’s All About Needs
Chapter 2: You Can’t Collaborate with Everyone
Chapter 3: More of Your two Ears less of Your one Mouth
Chapter 4: Great Questions Drive Great Results
Chapter 5: The Art and Science of Needs Discovery
Chapter 6: Meeting Structure Drives the Discovery Outcomes
Chapter 7: Moving from Needs Discovery into Solutions
Chapter 8: Collaboration is not a Destination; It’s a Journey!

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