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Course I – Living your BEST life with better Negotiations

Chapter 1: Negotiations: Challenge or Opportunity?
Chapter 2: Negotiations are a Process; Rarely an Event
Chapter 3: When do Agreements NOT come from Negotiations?”
Chapter 4: Negotiaphobia: The Fear and the Treatment
Chapter 5: Remedy #1 for Negotiaphobia: ENGAGE
Chapter 6: Remedy #2 for Negotiaphobia: ASSESS
Chapter 7: Remedy #3 for Negotiaphobia: STRATEGIZE
Chapter 8: The E-A-S-Y One Minute Drill -Your Cure for Negotiaphobia

Course II – The Anatomy of Negotiations

Chapter 1: The Nature of All Negotiation Strategies
Chapter 2: Compromise as a Tactic: Limitations and Fit
Chapter 3: Your Introduction to the One Minute Negotiator Strategy Matrix Chapter 4: Avoidance: How & When to Avoid
Chapter 5: The Accommodation Trap
Chapter 6: Finding and Using Leverage in Negotiations
Chapter 7: Winning when Things Get Competitive
Chapter 8: The Win-Win Combination: Collaboration

Course Ill: – Winning vs. Whining: Win-Lose Competitive Negotiation Tactics

Chapter 1 : Knowing When Competition is the Right Move
Chapter 2: Posturing: Recognize & React
Chapter 3: Rules of Engagement: Deploying a Competitive Strategy
Chapter 4: Preparation: The Secret to Winning Before the Battle
Chapter 5: Playing Offense & Defense When Competing
Chapter 6: Offensive Competitive Tactics
Chapter 7: Defensive Tactics to Protect Your Ground
Chapter 8: The Powerful Stipulation Tactic
Chapter 9: Anticipate, Recognize & Respond
Chapter 10: More Defensive Tools for Your Toolbox

Course IV: – Mastering Collaboration

Chapter 1: It’s All About Needs
Chapter 2: You Can’t Collaborate with Everyone
Chapter 3: More of Your two Ears less of Your one Mouth
Chapter 4: Great Questions Drive Great Results
Chapter 5: The Art and Science of Needs Discovery
Chapter 6: Meeting Structure Drives the Discovery Outcomes
Chapter 7: Moving from Needs Discovery into Solutions
Chapter 8: Collaboration is not a Destination; It’s a Journey!

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Click on image below for The Don Hutson QuikLook Media Kit to get all of the information you need to book Don.


Click on image below for The Don Hutson QuikLook Media Kit to get all of the information you need to book Don.

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