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Jim Pancero has the most advanced, leading-edge “business-to-business” sales management training available today. Everything he does is extensively researched and has one bottom-line focus to increase an organization’s strategic competitive advantage and market uniqueness. Prior to Jim forming his training and consulting company, he sold the largest computer systems for the Data Processing Division of IBM. During his prestigious IBM career, he earned several awards including the coveted “Golden Circle” designation annually awarded to the top 5% of their international sales force.

Program Content/ Curriculum

Class #1 – What is the Job of a Sales Manager?

Class #2 – Are you a Sales Leader … or Just a Sales Manager?

Class #3 – The Reality of Sales Leadership-Different People Need to Be Managed and Motivated Differently

Class #4 – How to Master the Values of a Sales Leader

Class #5 – The Role of a Sales Manager on a Sales Call

Class #6 – How to Strengthen Your Coaching Skills

Class #7 – How to Build a New Sales Team … or Improve an Existing One

Class #8 – How to Train a New Hire/Entry Level Salesperson

Class #9 – How to Improve Attitude and Energy

Class #10 – How to Improve Operational Selling Skills

Class #11 – How to Improve Tactical Selling Skills

Class #12 – How to Maintain and Grow Your Team’s Most Important Customers

Class #13 – How to Improve New Business Selling Skills

Class #14 – How to Improve Strategic Selling Skills

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V-104 Virtual Training Subscription = $675 $395