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Section 1. Mark Sanborn

Course I. The Leadership Overview

Chapter 1: The Difference between Managers and Leaders
Chapter 2: The Real Truth about Leadership
Chapter 3: Why People Don’t Follow the Leader
Chapter 4: The Leadership Triangle of Credibility
Chapter 5: The 4C’s of Effective Leadership Communication

Course II. Leadership Strategies

Chapter 6: Motivating your Team
Chapter 7: Growing Yourself and Growing your Team
Chapter 8: 8 Leadership Mistakes
Chapter 9: How to Identify and Develop Emerging Leaders
Chapter 10: How to Cast a Vision that Inspires and Succeeds
Chapter 7: Winning when Things Get Competitive
Chapter 8: The Win-Win Combination: Collaboration

Section 2. Don Hutson

Course Ill. Management Style and Approach

Chapter 1: The Leadership Style that Works, Part One
Chapter 2: The Leadership Style that Works, Part Two
Chapter 3: The Temperament of Skilled Leaders
Chapter 4: Making Decisions and Solving Problems
Chapter 5: Creating a Team Culture for Prosperity

Course IV. Managing for Results

Chapter 6: Coaching for High Performance
Chapter 7: Managing Different People Differently
Chapter 8: Motivation Makes the Difference
Chapter 9: Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting High Performers
Chapter 10: Delegation, Discipline and Behavior Modification

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