Equip your team with the critical skills they need to succeed… and you need to compete.

Virtual Training Programs From U.S. Learning

Without a plan to enhance your team’s sales, negotiation, and communication skills, you could be limiting your profits and productivity!

U.S. Learning’s Virtual Training is a powerful, flexible skill advancement solution. Your team will become more effective and productive, and you’ll have the ability to manage and measure learning outcomes. Don Hutson and the U.S. Learning team have created interactive, web-based sales training, negotiation and leadership programs that will help your organization sell more, and at higher prices.

U.S. Learning’s Virtual Training can’t be compared to your typical online training or learning management system. Instead of watching boring videos or reading tedious copy, your team will enjoy being engaged in a dynamic, interactive experience.

Don Hutson's Virtual Training System

Your team members will thank you for giving them the opportunity to train, practice, and truly learn sales and negotiation skills through this incredible platform; a great personal and professional development and a great tool to support recruitment and retention.

Sales, Negotiation & Leadership e-Learning Programs You Can Easily Implement and Track

U.S. Learning VT is available online 24/7, on your mobile device. Your management team will be able to monitor progress with real-time tracking and results. It’s easy to see who’s learning, and who could use some extra coaching. This total accountability process will automate your training initiatives.

Programs Currently Available:


Terry Penza-Real Trends

“Never stop learning! Engaging in the Sell Value Not Price program was an amazing experience with course content that was concise and to the point – bursting with nuggets of useful information. Tailored to busy people, the functionality of the technology created a superb encounter. Thank you Don Hutson – I learned a lot!”

Terry Penza, Director of Network Membership Real Trends

“I have been a professional salesman for more than 20 years and I am always eager to learn more and sharpen my sales skills. Your “Sell Value, Not Price” program is one of the best courses of study I have had the privilege to take. It covers the critical skills necessary to succeed in sales today and I highly recommend that everyone who is serious about their sales career sign up for it today!”

Steve Smith, Manager Memphis Communications Corporation

Amanda Swain - Dillard Security

“Being new to the Sales Market honestly freaked me out! I never wanted to be labeled a “sales person”. But after completing Don Hutson’s Cyber Learning program, my mindset has changed tremendously. I’ve learned practical ways of becoming more relational rather than pushy. I now feel, most definitely, that I am equipped and ready for a successful career in sales!

Amanda Swain, Security Dillard

“The SELL VALUE, NOT PRICE program has been very beneficial to me in several ways. I’m a Service Manager who sells the repair of existing products as well as new products on a daily basis. This program has given me the tools to speak with our customers as well as potential customers in a more professional and relaxed manner. I am a testimonial that this program is a valued tool for salesmen as well as service technicians. Thank you for the insight your program provides!”

King Brumley, Overhead Door Service Manager Dillard Door & Entrance Control

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