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U.S. Learning

U.S. Learning

Committed to Client Enrichment Through High Quality Learning Experiences

Don Hutson is the CEO of U.S. Learning, a full-service corporate training firm delivering innovative, high-impact solutions to their clients. Through live programs, virtual training and consulting, they help clients develop the advanced skills they need to grow their enterprises.

U.S. Learning specializes in e-Learning initiatives that include in-depth assessment and data management insights—designed to provide a higher, longer term ROI.


U.S. Learning Services


Virtual Training

Put your team on the path to higher productivity and profitability with U.S. Learning’s “Sell Value, Not Price” virtual training program. This online-based course isn’t your standard “talking head” program! It’s dynamic, highly interactive, and designed for personal engagement. Team members can work at their own pace, on your company’s schedule with 24/7 access. Your team will be excited about training, practicing, and honing their skills on this amazing platform.


Live Programs

Ignite your sales team and transform your business with personalized programs. Don Hutson and the U.S. Learning Team of Experts offer highly engaging, interactive in-person presentations guaranteed to accelerate learning and energize your next meeting. Topics include the value-price dynamic, negotiations, communication strategies, and leadership.



Discover the formula for achieving goals, and master the fundamentals for lasting success! Don Hutson and the U.S. Learning team help corporations, associations, and entrepreneurs improve their bottom line through one-on-one consulting strategies. They develop customized training initiatives for organizations and associations worldwide.

U.S. Learning is dedicated to providing the best possible return on your training investment. To discuss which service will be the most effective solution for your company, fill out the Contact form below.