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I heard a business strategist say recently that “Hope is not a strategy”.  I also remember that the Bible tells us that “When there is no vision, the people perish”.  I happen to think that there is, indeed, power in anticipating great things.  

Thoreau defined motivation as “The pull of anticipation and the push of discipline”, which is the best I’ve ever heard on the topic.  So what does anticipation mean to you?   Can you share an example in your life when your anticipated something, acted on the expectation that it would happen, and enjoyed the fruits of your positive outlook?

I think there are four categories of anticipation….

  1. Hopeful Anticipationthis takes in everything from inheritance, your big lottery win, but, on a more realistic basis, it also includes purposefully creating positive outcomes
  2. Predictable Anticipationplay the odds and stack them in your favor with proactive planning
  3. Engineered Anticipationis when you put a serious, structured strategy in play in your attempt to create your future
  4. Negative Anticipationis simply a lack of belief that anything good is going to happen; these are the folks who are creating their own demise and don’t even realize it

Losers react and winners anticipate.  

Anticipation includes the goals you set, the objectives you put in place, and the vision you craft, and your pro activity in doing all you can to succeed in them will make all the difference.

I see this as entrepreneurial thinking at its best.  Entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and leaders in all types of businesses create their own destiny by writing down and acting on their goals and objectives.  They realize that, left to chance, things often do NOT work out, so our own pro-activity, thoughtful strategy-building, and perseverance pay off big here.

Don’t forget, to tap the collective intellect of your team members on major initiatives.  All of you is smarter than one of you!  And when you include them, they are pleased to be involved increasing the probability that they have “bought in” on the vision.  

How do you feel about anticipation and its benefits? Please share your comments below!