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I was peacefully sitting in the den of my home on the Mississippi River this morning, sipping coffee and enjoying the morning paper, when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something meandering  down river.  It was the Delta Queen!

This old wooden paddle wheeler was mothballed a few years ago due to being a safety hazard, but I read recently where the owners got special clearance to transport it to New Orleans to be completely refurbished.  I was thrilled to read that the old girl was being saved.  It was in rough condition when I saw it this morning and being pushed by a tug and accompanying barge with parts, etc.

Now it is safe to say that the relatively new Mississippi Queen and the American Queen are both bigger, newer, and certainly more luxurious, but it is great to know that someone has chosen to save the spirited Delta Queen which is approaching a century in age, and will once again traverse the Mighty Mississippi.

With all the focus today on innovation, cutting edge approaches, new concepts, and technological advancements, I feel really good about saving something from the past.  It is unreplaceable, and once totally retired for good, gone forever.   For me, this serendipitous feeling is good for the soul.  It’s like restoring an old classic car – to bring it back into its prime is refreshing – keeping us in touch with former days that meant something to us.

In light of all of the new ideas, concepts, products, deliverables we are all seeing today, what stands out in your mind as something that still grasps the past in a positive way for you?  Even if it is nothing more than the old swing in your grandparents’ back yard, it can still tug at your heartstrings and touch your inner being in a way that nothing else can.  What say you??


To find out more about the Delta Queen and her restoration click here: http://www.save-the-delta-queen.org/