Sell Value Not Price – Online Tools you Need to Succeed

(Memphis, TN) VT is for Virtual Training, and it is the new way to LEARN! This is very exciting for us as we have been working on these products for over a year. Our initial response from early viewers is nothing short of tremendous! The new programs are SELL VALUE, NOT PRICE! featuring Don Hutson and MASTERING NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES featuring Dr. George Lucas. We would like to offer you a FREE TRIAL to look it over – simply call Rebecca at 800-647-9166 and she will set it up for you.

I remember in the late nineties reading an article in Training Magazine which revealed that 48% of the corporate training dollar went toward travel. What a travesty! Virtual training is a wonderful way to provide training and development opportunities to your people at their convenience and on their computer or I-Pad. The key is to be sure you are securing the best, most practical learning experience for them.

I continue to invest myself in the skill-building initiatives of my client firms and am dedicated to helping their sales professionals learn and internalize the best in professional selling skillsets. The key is to learn skills so well that they become “reflexive”. Nothing is more frustrating for a sales person than to remember later what they should have said after losing a sale! My advice: practice, drill, & rehearse so diligently that nothing is left to chance in implementing the sales skills that work!


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