Local Memphis Live Interview with Don Hutson

Don Hutson’s Interview on Local Memphis Live


Interviewed by: Lauren Raymer


See the full interivew here:

Lauren: Tell us a little bit about your new book.

Don: Well, it is based on the premise that everybody sells; every time we open our mouths we want to be convincing, credible, and articulate.

Lauren: What do you think people are going to take most away from reading your book?

Don: The most important definition of value is your prospective buyers definition. What’s important to them and what are the value points that they really want to receive.

Lauren: Tell us a little about your expertise.

Don: I’ve been a professional speaker for four decades and have conducted over 6,000 talks around the world. I really love writing as well. I am always writing at 1-2 books at a time, and I have authored or co-authored 14 books.

Lauren: What do you think is the main key to being successful?

Don: Focus on your vision, goal-setting is so important. Put your goals in writing because we are too casual about them as a process.

Lauren: How can people pick up your book?

Don: It is available locally from Laurelwood Booksellers and Barnes and Noble, and always availiable on my website . You can get your copy today!


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