Is Momentum on Your Side?

        Momentum can be a powerful thing… when it is on your side!  If it’s working against you, it can be a disaster.  I love to capitalize on “positive momentum” that makes things get better over time.  It’s the “negative momentum” we must beware of.

An example of positive momentum is when I was in my twenties I had trouble saving money and a mentor of mine suggested that I set up an automatic deduct of $100 per month from my checking account to my savings account.  He said “You probably won’t miss the money and you don’t have to decide each month whether you are going to save or not.  Set it up and it will happen automatically”.  His suggestion was simple yet profound.

I took his advice and woke up one day with lots of money in my savings account!  Any time you set something up in a manner that you don’t have to keep on making decisions each month on some helpful front, it will, over time create many advantages for you.

Recently a client of mine asked me how he should handle a request from his client to put their business relationship on a month-to-month basis rather than signing an annual contract.  He asked “Should I do it?”

I said, “If you want to continue to serve this client, I would say to him ‘Brad, why don’t we simply continue the services as we have been doing, and I’ll let you stop anytime you want to with 30 days’ notice?’ “

This recommendation enables you to have momentum on your side.  You don’t want him to have to decide ‘do we continue or stop’ every month, when you can have the momentum of continuance.  He has to take the initiative to cancel the arrangement, or it keeps on going.  This idea enables you to leverage the power of time!  So perhaps the sage who said timing is everything was correct.


Don Hutson



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