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25 High Performance Selling Skills to Master Before Your Competitors Do!

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25 High Performance Selling Skills to Master Before Your Competitors Do!

Whether you are a sales professional trying to stay on the cutting edge, an executive trying to sell your boss on a new success plan, or an individual trying to raise money for your local charity, competition is fierce today! Corporate buyers and consumers making personal decisions are more sophisticated and discriminating than ever. To continue to use the traditional skills, habits and approaches almost everyone knows to day is often futile and disappointing.

THE SALE, with 25 critical success skills, was written to give everyone with communications and persuasive challenges new and strategic techniques that work in todays intensely demanding marketplace. In this exciting new book, twenty-five year sales veteran sales trainer Don Hutson will give you new skills to…

  • Visualize, set and achieve goals with greater skill and determination than ever before.
  • Identify the needs and agenda of others with clarify and professionalism.
  • Gain a competitive advantage through presentations that overshadow your competitors.
  • Develop greater trust and better relationship skills with your customers than ever before.
  • Empower yourself to enjoy more income, personal satisfaction and career progress.
  • Utilize the “authorship principle” to get prompt, genuine commitments from others.

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