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Selling With Style

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Leverage The Platinum Rule for Social Selling Success

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By Don Hutson, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Scott Zimmerman

Professional Salespeople are always looking for a better way to sell. In this book, you will find that The Platinum Rule for Social Style Selling Success offers readers not only a better way to sell. It can also be a practical guide to a better way to live!

In Selling With Style, you will learn techniques that are based upon sound, proven methods that have been successfully employed in real-world settings with measurable results.  You will be able to:

  • Listen in while four people discuss a buying decision – and determine what their conclusions mean for you personally.
  • Meet “Drivers” – the great initiators.
  • Learn why “Expressives” are great talkers.
  • Analyze “Analyticals” and observe the traits that set them apart.
  • Consider the role of those great helpers – the “Amiables” – in always trying to build consensus.
  • Learn to identify the four social styles of your customers.
  • Observe how tension during the sales cycle can be reduced through style adaptability.
  • Carefully examine the application of the many components available for helping you build rapport throughout the selling cycle, including: targeting, connecting, exploring, collaborating, confirming, assuring, and as a result, taking ownership of your professional and personal destiny.

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