Discover Top Strategies for Selling VALUE

Selling Value- Don Hutson
In a competitive marketplace, how do you win the sale without digging into your profit margin?


Discover how to create an irresistible value proposition to win the sale and learn to sell value and not cut price.

Cut your price? Don’t even think about it! Did you know there are 7 distinctly different ways to profile value through the eyes of your customer? Too often sales professionals think that price is the only way to win the sale, and according to sales expert Don Hutson, they may be caving too soon.

Don Hutson’s classic story on selling value has become a signature story and is often asked to be included in Don’s presentations.
See as he shares this signature story:
“Seeing how to add value through the eyes of your prospect is the key to creating a value proposition that can make the sale”, says Don Hutson, who has walked the talk on sales. He shares the step by step strategies and solutions to help convert more prospects to sales and preserving the profit zone.
His authenticity is the result of over 30 years of solid selling success as an entrepreneur, author, speaker and creator of virtual training networks. As a co-author with Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager, Don and Ken co-authored The One Minute Entrepreneur published by Random House, ranking #1 on both the NYTimes and the Wall Street Journal. Don is the author and co-author of an additional 12 books.
Don recently received the “Master of Influence Award” from the National Speakers Association in July of 2014.  He joins a group of 20 legendary awardees that include Lou Holtz, Cavett Robert, Jack Kemp, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Deepak Chopra, Nido Qubein Art Linkletter, Hutson’s co-author, of “The One Minute Entrepreneur”, Ken Blanchard and more.
Selling Value: Key Principles of Value Based Selling, is published by Executive Books and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at
We’ve all heard that in today’s marketplace people do business with those they know, like and trust. That means something different today than it did only a few years ago when competition was not as keen and the sales challenges were not as stringent as they are today.
In Selling Value, we talk about what we need to do to be exceptional at such tasks as:

– Performing an exceptional needs analysis
– Identifying how your prospect defines value
– Gaining commitments without pressure
– Understanding the differences in people
– Mastering adaptability skills
– Handling customer concerns

“Reading Selling Value reminded me that the most valuable products and services we buy, and experiences we enjoy, are seldom the cheapest. This master salesman shows us how to convey the true value of the offerings of our enterprises.”
R. Brad Martin, ChairmanRBM Venture Co, Retired Chairman and CEO, Saks Inc.

For more information: Contact Don Hutson:, or call: 901-767-0000 or email:


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