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One of the most glaring reasons people fail in the sales profession is their inability to handle rejection. They take it personally, become demoralized, and their “head game” is trashed and out of sorts. So psychologically dealing with the unpleasantness of rejection becomes very important in one’s framework of thinking. Nobody sells everybody. Not even […]

Don’t ever negatively prejudge the result of a sales encounter. I think in terms of one of our sales processes we need to make sure we are always thinking of giving it our best shot. Don’t be like the Rolls-Royce salesmen in Indianapolis, Indiana. On a Saturday morning three Rolls-Royce sales people standing around talking. […]

In a competitive marketplace, how do you win the sale without digging into your profit margin?   Discover how to create an irresistible value proposition to win the sale and learn to sell value and not cut price.   Cut your price? Don’t even think about it! Did you know there are 7 distinctly different […]

(Memphis, TN) – The day after a holiday is always busy… Workers scrambling to make the 8 a.m. meeting, and fleeing from the offices as 5 p.m. rolls around. As an entrepreneur, the stress of the daily grind isn’t as prominent. We entrepreneurs like to think that we set our own schedule; travel the world […]