Capitalize on Growth Selling Opportunities

The economy has improved enough lately for consumers to feel more comfortable making purchasing decisions. A Federal Reserve report between early July and late August, showed the economy is steadily increasing at a “modest to moderate” pace in most of the country.

How does this affect you? It’s quite simple. Customers are starting to venture out of the frugal mindset where every penny must be watched and are returning to many of their old spending habits. That’s a good sign! This is a great time to make multiple “touch base phone calls” to past clients. It is easy to get out of touch when the marketplace is less than dynamic. You can keep it short, sweet, and simple. Update your needs, analysis data, and then remind them of why you are the right choice for them.

It is said two of the best indicators of economic activity are the home building business and automobile business. “Seventy-five percent of car dealers saw increases in sales relative to the same period last year,” stated the Beige Book Report. Now, the home builders are seeing more activity than they have in five years!

In essence, people are spending money again at higher rates, and the frame of mind of decision makers is improving in such a way that new opportunities are coming our way in business. Will you be among those who position yourself to capitalize on this improving mindset, or will you be among those who let the opportunities whiz by your head? Be among the former groups! Ramp up your expectations, talk to more people, tell your story with great energy, and enjoy the ride!


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