Don’t ever negatively prejudge the result of a sales encounter. I think in terms of one of our sales processes we need to make sure we are always thinking of giving it our best shot.

Don’t be like the Rolls-Royce salesmen in Indianapolis, Indiana. On a Saturday morning three Rolls-Royce sales people standing around talking. An old fellow walked in, in wearing dirty coveralls with a couple of holes in the knees. He walked over and looked at the Rolls-Royce in the showroom, and the salesperson who was up to talk to the next customer thought, what a waste of time it would be with this guy; so he blew him off.
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I’ll bet you have heard the cliche that “If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep on getting what you have always gotten!” I believe that axiom used to be true, but not anymore. Things are changing too rapidly.

The “bar of excellence” is moving up on every one of us every day. Competition is getting keener. Buyers are smarter and more demanding. And we won’t be able to take allegiance for granted. In today’s marketplace we need to be able to turn-on-a-dime to please customers. And that means we can’t be married to the processes and habits of the past.

The experts on change today are saying that the knowledge mass of the human race is now doubling approximately every four years. So, yes, the one constant we can be assured of is CHANGE. What is your change quotient? Do you have a good spirit about change and find ways to make change work for you, or do you feel threatened by change and the new requirements thrust upon you to excel in an ever challenging environment?
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In a competitive marketplace, how do you win the sale without digging into your profit margin?


Discover how to create an irresistible value proposition to win the sale and learn to sell value and not cut price.

Cut your price? Don’t even think about it! Did you know there are 7 distinctly different ways to profile value through the eyes of your customer? Too often sales professionals think that price is the only way to win the sale, and according to sales expert Don Hutson, they may be caving too soon.
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The One Minute Entrepreneur outlines why some businesses succeed and others fail. According to its authors, successful business owners do four things extremely well. First, they make sure their sales exceed expenses. Second, they collect their bills in timely fashion to maintain their cash flow. Third, they take scrupulous care of their customers. And finally, they respect, coach and reward their employees.

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(Memphis, TN) – The day after a holiday is always busy… Workers scrambling to make the 8 a.m. meeting, and fleeing from the offices as 5 p.m. rolls around.

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While flying to Ohio, I noticed many of the passengers were females in business attire. Even compared to a few years ago, it seemed more women were working than in prior years.

Research shows this assessment is accurate. According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, “Women own 10.6 million businesses in the United States. They employ 19.1 million workers–that’s one in every seven employees. Their businesses account for $2.5 trillion in sales.”

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