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When you lose a sale, get over it fast. All salespeople experience it, but the pros move on to the next encounter with a positive attitude, realizing that they are statistically that much closer to getting a yes.

Here are eight tips for effectively dealing with rejection with the minimum amount of mental anguish:


  1. Don’t take rejection personally. It’s not about you. It is simply part of the sales process.
  2. Give every call and presentation your best effort. It is only through constant improvement that we can enjoy better statistics.
  3. Keep up with your numbers with a vengeance, so that you always know exactly what is required to succeed.
  4. Know that you begin to succeed when you learn how to fail, and sort out the implications of how failure is a part of your success plan.
  5. The greater your expectations, the greater your determination to succeed.
  6. Understand that we grow stronger when we experience adversity.
  7. Even when you are rejected, you can learn from it.
  8. Remember that you never lose until you give up. On another day you may sell them; they might even become your biggest account someday. Don’t burn any bridges.


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